Larry Koestler

Wachusett Brewing Company | LARRY Imperial IPA

Posted in Craft Beer by Third Rail Beer on February 13, 2012

I’d been hoping to find my namesake beer ever since discovering its existence a few months ago, but hadn’t come across it until this past weekend, during an unexpected pop-in to New Beer Distributors on Chrystie Street, which may well have the greatest craft beer selection in New York City.

Ultimately, I found myself slightly disappointed with Wachusett Brewing Company‘s LARRY Imperial IPA, though that was primarily due to the fact that it billed itself as an Imperial even though it was only 7.5% ABV. Don’t get me wrong, 7.5% ABV is pretty potent, but in this day and age of big beers, I’ve grown accustomed to an Imperial boasting closer to a 9% ABV.

If LARRY had simply been christened a regular IPA, I’d likely have been raving about how strong it was for a mere IPA, instead of bemoaning its relative lack of floral hoppiness. Still, I’m very glad to have finally gotten my hands on a bomber of this beer.

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