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Posted in Craft Beer, Unavailable in New York City by larrykoestler on May 8, 2012

In my neverending quest to find new beers, I found an absolutely wonderful website, Quality Liquor Store, that ships Pliny the Elder, among many, many other unavailable-in-New-York gems, to New York City. Behold my shipment that arrived yesterday:

The full lineup of seven can’t-get-in-New-York bombers is as follows:

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  1. [...] after my successful encounter with Quality Liquor Store, I began seeing ads pop up on Facebook for LetsPour.com. After checking it out, I found that not [...]

  2. [...] tried a ton of beers I’d heard amazing things about — including Surly Furious; Pliny the Elder (though not yet on tap, which is undoubtedly a different experience than a [...]

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