Halcyon Days

First-ever LetsPour.com craft beer order

Posted in Craft Beer, Unavailable in New York City by larrykoestler on June 26, 2012

Christmas in June

Shortly after my successful encounter with Quality Liquor Store, I began seeing ads pop up on Facebook for LetsPour.com. After checking it out, I found that not only does LetsPour have a robust selection of craft beers — including many coveted unavailable-in-New-York breweries, but that they somehow have room in their business model to provide free shipping if you order six bottles or more. To me, this was an absolute no-brainer as far as obtaining sweet, forbidden brews.

Here’s the rundown:

Diamond Knot Brewing Industrial IPA (Mukilteo, Washington)

Fremont Homefront Double IPA (Seattle, Washington)

Ninkasi Brewing Believer Double Red Ale (Eugene, Oregon)

Ninkasi Brewing Total Domination IPA (Eugene, Oregon)

Ninkasi Brewing Tricerahops Double IPA (Eugene, Oregon)

Oakshire Brewing Perfect Storm Double IPA (Eugene, Oregon)

Pelican Brewing India Pelican Ale (Pacific City, Oregon)

Port Brewing Mongo Double IPA (San Diego, California)

Silver City Brewing Saint Florian IPA (Bremerton, Washington)

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Copperhead (Snoqualmie, Washington)

Trade Route Brewing “Hoppy Bitch” IPA (Pacific, Washington)

Walkabout Brewing Jabberwocky Strong Ale (Medford, Oregon)

As you can see, very pacific northwest-heavy, which undoubtedly means I’m in for a full-on hop asaault.

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