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Posted in Baseball, Oddities by larrykoestler on August 27, 2012

One of the only known copies in existence of the legendary Pascual Perez/Joe Torre I-285 commemorative poster, and we got our hands on it.

Ah, the glorious, wondrous power of the internet.

Some of you may recall that my buddy Dave and I contacted the Atlanta Braves’ media relations department last February in an attempt to secure a copy of what sounded like the most hilarious idea ever conceived: a poster commemorating  the legendary and enigmatic Pascual Perez’s surreal car ride around Atlanta during which he got lost in I-285 on the way to his first start with Atlanta, asked a gas station attendant for help (and convinced the man to pump his gas for free due to having left his wallet at home) and incurred the ire of manager Joe Torre.

Incredibly, despite the fact that seemingly everything ever created has found its way on to the internet, we couldn’t even uncover a JPEG of the poster. Between never hearing anything back from the Braves, along with contacting Lawrie Mifflin — the reporter who wrote the NY Times piece recounting the I-285 tale — and having her claim that she didn’t even remember writing the article (in fairness it was published 28 years ago), we couldn’t help but wonder whether this ingenuous piece of historical baseball esoterica ever even existed in the first place.

Then, silence.

However, in early July, I received the following email:

 Hi Larry,

I just found your site while searching for info online about the Pascual Perez I-285 posters. I was looking through some old things and found a few of them. Are you still looking for them? Let me know. Oh, and don’t mention it to your friend yet.


Was I still looking for them? Of course I was! I enthusiastically replied so, and also couldn’t help but wonder why our knight in shining armor not only had one copy of the poster, but had multiple copies. His response:

As for what I am doing with multiples…

I grew up about an hour away from Atlanta, and was a huge Braves fan (Think Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Ron Hubbard, Rick Camp, Al Hrabosky, etc.) I remember when Perez joined the the team and that incident occurred. My birthday is Aug. 19th, the date commemorated by the I-285 poster. My dad picked up a few of them thinking that made a cool,late birthday present.


Since I have three of these, I thought that I could keep one, and mail the other two to you. You can then present one to Dave as a complete surprise. That is why I didn’t want you to mention it. :-) Giving him that gift (as long as you really surprise the crap out of him) and posting a copy online would be the only payment I require. Send me your address, and I’ll get them in the mail soon.


A short time later, much to my absolute shock and delight, I was in possession of two copies of the coveted poster.

I had to wait a week to finally share it with David, and the timing was finally right earlier this afternoon. Needless to say, he was absolutely and utterly blown away. In fact, I think he’s still speechless. He’s currently figuring out where to frame and hang the posters.

And that, my friends, is the awesome, limitless power of the internet.

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  1. [...] The incident earned Perez the nickname “I-285,” which he proudly wore on the back of his warmup jacket. As Yankees fans are well aware, the Braves’ manager at the time, Joe Torre, is not known for treating rookies kindly – much less rookies who miss their first start. In fact, a famed poster commemorating the incident is described as including a mural of Torre, looking baffled, staring at his wristwatch. If anyone owns this poster or can unearth even a JPEG of it, please let us know [UPDATE: We finally secured a copy of this poster during the summer of 2012]. [...]

  2. Dennis said, on November 1, 2012 at 10:14 am

    And it’s autographed? Nice.

  3. Chris said, on November 1, 2012 at 10:25 am

    If you were a big Braves fan you would have known it was Glenn Hubbard not Ron Hubbard. I’m kidding I’m sure it was a mistype

  4. G. Rodriguez said, on November 1, 2012 at 10:59 am

    This is great. And I’m sad to inform you that Pascual Perez was murdered last night.

    • Mike said, on November 1, 2012 at 4:19 pm

      I think all the comments here are because this was linked in an article about his murder on NBCNews.com.

      (Can everyone tell from the picture that I-285 goes in a big circle, and the stadium is almost at the center?)

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