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700 club

Posted in Craft Beer, New York City, Social Media, Untappd by larrykoestler on August 29, 2012

I hit 700 uniques beers on Untappd last night. Lucky number 700 was a Devil Dog by Ponderay, Idaho’s Laughing Dog Brewing. Randomly, both unique check-in #500 and #700 occurred at Taproom 307 despite the fact that the place sucks.

Taproom has so much potential — a regularly rotating 40-strong tap list — but a total identity crisis, as it can’t decide whether it actually wants to be a craft beer bar or a lame, way-too-loud and obnoxious stereotypical Murray Hill hole. I despise drinking establishments that require me to scream at my friends to have a conversation, and Taproom unfortunately specializes in this. Are there seriously people out there who actually enjoy having their voices drowned out by bar music to the point of laryngitis upon leaving a given establishment? But I digress.


Scenes from Larry and Michael’s Beerfest Summer 2012, and Unique #600 [July 23, 2012]
My landmark Untappd check-ins [June 27, 2012]

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